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Why PayPal?
Loyalty. They allowed me to accept online payments in the beginning when credit cards processors gave me the cold shoulder or wanted outrageous commissions.
You can conduct your transaction through PayPal as you would any other online purchase and you don't need to have a PayPal account!
These are our products:
Please make sure to scroll all the way down! lots of goodies to look at !

Hornorum/Mossambica Breeder Colonies
A breeder colony consists of five female pure breed orange O. Mossambica, and one male pure breed improved body form (very noticeable in this photo!) O. Hornorum. These produce all-natural, hormone-free all-male fingerlings with more usable flesh per fish than any other Tilapia.
This website is your hatchery manual plus you get unlimited email help from me.
The price is $399.00 for one or $718.00 for 2.
Packaging and shipping is $69.00 for 1 and $138.00 for 2 colonies to any where in the lower 48 states.
Hornorum/Nile breeder colonies
A Hornorum/Nile breeder colony consists of one male pure breed improved body form Hornorum Tilapia and 5 female pure breed Nile Tilapia. These produce all-natural, hormone-free all-male fingerlings with more usable meat per fish.
The cost is $324.00 for one plus $69.00 shipping/packaging. ($583.00 for 2 plus $138.00 shipping/packaging).
 Another popular choice!
1 Hornorum male with 5 Blue females!
The offspring of these combinations will inherit the improved body form of the male while producing mixed-sex fingerlings.
The price is $324.00 for 1 colony plus $69.00 shipping/packaging. ($583.00 plus $138.00 shipping/Packaging for 2)
Pure Breed Blue Tilapia breeder colonies
Blue Tilapia breeder colonies also consist of 1 male and 5 females. These will produce pure breed, all-natural, mixed-sex fingerlings. They cost $199.00 for one or $358.00 for two, plus $69.00 shipping/packaging ($138.00 for 2)
Nile Tilapia breeder colonies
Nile Tilapia breeder colonies consist of 1 male and five females. These will produce mixed-sex fingerlings. They cost $199.00 for one or $358.00 for two plus $69.00 shipping/packaging ($138.00 for 2).
 Tilapia Sunrise breeder colonies
Tilapia Sunrise is the name I've given to my hybrids of Orange Mossambica, Blue, and Red Nile Tilapia.
They look reddish with white and/or black spots and are not Pure Breed Orange Mossambica.
They will not produce all-male offspring when bred with Hornorum or Nile Tilapia but, being hybrids, they will grow faster and to a bigger size than Mossambica.
I offer these in order to cater to Tilapia farming enthusiasts who want to have a "prettier" Tilapia than the usual grey/black. You will get 1 male and 5 females.
The cost is $199 for one colony ($358.00 for 2) plus $69.00 shipping/packaging ($138.00 for 2).
Hey! This idea just in from Cindy:
How about"a la carte" breeder colonies?
you choose which breeds they consist of!
With the exception of female Hornorum or male Mossambica I can make up breeder colonies where you choose the male and females.
Just email me for a quote and availability.
Tilapia Fingerlings
My fingerlings are all-natural, hormone-free baby Tilapia.
You can choose from all-male hybrids, mixed-sex Blue Tilapia fingerlings,  mixed-sex Nile Tilapia fingerlings, and Tilapia Sunrise fingerlings.
Please scroll down for pictures.
If you don't want to go through the breeding process but want to "grow your own", you can order at least 15 of these.
50 or 100 will fit nicely in one or two 8ft diameter kiddie pools. The all-male are ideal for aquaponic systems!
all-male means there will be no unwanted reproduction in your system! With the mixed-sex fingerlings you take your chances but you can also try to breed them yourself!
Mosquito Fish is available from this menu as well, just click the down-arrow on the breed category.
Shipping/packaging for all fingerlings is a flat $49.00 for up to 50, and $59.00 for 51 to 100.
For orders over 100 or if you need a specific number of fingerlings just email me and I'll send you a customized quote.
All-male hybrids 
The all-male hybrids pictured below are the same you would get from one of my Hornorum/Mossambica breeder colonies. Can you see the improved body form they inherited from their dad?
All-male hybrids
I now have lots of beautiful mixed-sex blue Tilapia and Nile Tilapia fingerlings available at the same prices as the all-male hybrids. Blue tilapia are not regulated in many states where Nile, Mossambica and Hornorum are. Just select Blue or Nile Tilapia during your check-out process or email me.
Blue tilapia fingerlings
 Tilapia Sunrise!
Tilapia Sunrise are hybrids of Mossambica, Red Nile and Blue Tilapia.
Fast growers and good eatin' !
These babies are mixed-sex so you can try to breed them and are much prettier to look at than plain gray Tilapia.
Please note: These are NOT pure breed Orange Mossambica and will NOT produce all male offspring if bred with Hornorum Tilapia.
You can place your order from the Tilapia fingerling menu above.
 Tilapia Sunrise fingerlings
MOSQUITO FISH! (Gambusia Affinis)
These little guys are true specialists! the Mosquito Fish consumes large quantities of insect larvae in your pond or floating raft aquaponic troughs. Backyard aquaponics enthusiasts use this species of Gambusia to control, as its name suggests, mosquitoes. However, this voracious feeder will also consume other insect larvae and algae to benefit your pond or troughs in numerous ways. First, the Mosquito Fish helps prevent your aquaponic system from becoming a backyard breeding ground for potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes. Secondly, it helps keep your system beautiful by feeding on algae and hatching insects that can damage your plants and the overall aesthetics of your system.
Just choose the number you desire from the Tilapia fingerlings breed menu above.

Improved body form O. Hornorum

This is the fabled "ZZ Chromosome Improved Body Form Supermale" which will produce at least 98% male hybrids with more usable meat per fish when bred with pure breed black or orange Mossambica; pure breed Red or Egyptian Nilotica (Nile Tilapia)



This is an excerpt from an article by:


Dr. Charles F. Hickling





"The sexing of small Tilapias although feasible is tedious. In addition to being not entirely reliable.

However, since only the males are stocked there is a waste of female fish. Accordingly my colleagues

and I at the Tropical fish culture research Institute at Malaca in the Federation of Malaya set out in

1958 to breed "mules" of sterile fish by crossing two closely related but distinct sub species of T. mossambica.

One was a pure breed local variety of t. mossambica, descended from the original Tilapias

first found in Java in 1939; the other was indigenous to brackish swamps on the island of Zanzibar off

the coast of Africa. To our surprise the hybrid fry of the Zanzibar males and the Java females all

turned out to be males! When due care was taken to avoid contamination by uncovenanted fish, not a

single female ever turned up among the hundreds of thousands of these crossbred fingerlings. These

hybrids are fully fertile and it is necessary to take the usual precautions to exclude females from the

raising ponds. We are thus able to produce all-male populations to stock the raising ponds, with no

waste of female fish and none of the trouble and risk of sexing the fingerlings. To cap these advantages,

our hybrids exhibit hybrid vigor, growing twice as fast as either parent stock. Generally they

grow to a weight of about one pond in six months and yield a crop of about 1,200 pounds per acre per

year with no other encouragement than the fertilization of the pond with 20 to 30 pounds of triple super

phosphate per acre. A combination of fertilization and foddering has not yet been tried, but even

larger crops of uniformly large fish are anticipated. Attempts are now being made to cross breed other

Tilapia species in order to obtain additional strains of all-male hybrids: it would be surprising if

success is not achieved eventually.

Meanwhile foundation stocks of the parent lines of the first all-male hybrids are being made available

by the institute in Malacca for establishment of the method elsewhere. The uniformly large fish that

can be harvested promise to revive the interest of small-pond operators in many parts of the world

Commercial Aquaculture

Colonies for Commercial Applications

I can supply as many Hornorum/Mossambica, Blue, or Nile Tilapia breeder colonies as needed for commercial applications.

For a starter set, you can get 5 Hornorum/Mossambica breeder colonies for a total of 25 females and 5 males for $1499.

5 Blue or Nile Tilapia breeder colonies for $749.00.


Shipping cost will vary depending on where you are.

Please email me for ordering details.

5 Hornorum/Mossambica colonies together can produce at least 4000 98 to 100% male fry per month in their ideal environment with good feed and water quality.

Blue or Nile will produce mixed-sex offspring.


That's in the beginning when they are young, when they reach full size the number could be 30 to 40 thousand!!

You can sell your market-ready Tilapia whole to distributors or "live haulers" who will usually send a truck to pick them up live (no processing on your part!).


Of course you can double or triple your revenue if you market them to local farmer's markets, CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), Hispanic, Caribbean, and oriental markets and restaurants yourself. If you go with an aquaponic system you will have loads of veggies as well!

These are very conservative figures that a beginner could easily accomplish. A professional with state of the art equipment could easily double the output.

If you minimize the use of electricity by using solar electric and thermal energy, the biggest cost will be food. The use of duckweed, algae, worms, tadpoles etc. as a supplemental source of protein will significantly reduce the amount of commercial food needed. I know of a guy in Canada who goes around to local restaurants offering to haul away their vegetable scraps for free!


you can go to

for a good method of implementing duckweed into your project.











Show me the money!

You can pay by check or money order. Just go to the contact us page and e-mail me your request.

You can also pay via PayPal by just clicking on the "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" buttons.

Before you do, though, make sure we have been in communication by email.

For orders with discounted or customized totals I will email you an invoice via paypal.

You can pay by email through PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account.



A word (or three) about shipping

I charge flat rates for packaging/shipping because not every package weighs the same, measures the same, or goes to the same zip code.

Sometimes it costs me more, sometimes I get to buy a happy meal on the way home.

I ship on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. You should receive them one or two days later depending on your zip code. Special arrangements can be made but under no circumstances will we try to have a package arrive on a Saturday.

Orders in by 5pm Saturday will ship hopefully the next week but please note that sometimes it might take up to 1 week longer.

The babies travel first class via express mail in packaging specifically designed for shipping live tropical fish: cardboard box, styrofoam insulating container, heavy gauge plastic bags and pure oxygen. Of course heat packs are included in winter.

The mice type

Sorry folks, but a "lawyer/friend" told me if I didn't include some fine print in here, HE would sue me!

(wouldn't expect any LESS of him).

So here goes:

I have tried my best to provide accurate information on this website, and to the best of my knowledge the information presented herein is correct.

Please do not hold me liable for any consequences of using the information I present here.

Tilapia Vita Farms and make no representation about the suitability for any purpose of the information presented in this website.

All such information is presented "as is" without warranty of any kind.

Tilapia Vita Farms and hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information including all implied warranties.

In no event shall Tilapia Vita Farms or be liable for any special, indirect, or consequential, or any damages whatsoever resulting from, arising out of, or in connection with the use of the information in this website.

The information presented in this website could include technical inaccuracies and spelling errors! (trust me on that, Microsoft Office Live does not have a spell checker!).

At any time Tilapia vita farms and may make changes, additions and deletions to the information presented herein.

Live delivery warranty

I will do my very best to make sure your fish arrive alive!

I, however have no control over the delivery companies,or you.

I will email you as soon as I ship the package, and provide you with a tracking number.

You must be there ready to receive the package and sign for it. If the delivery person leaves it by your doorstep or if they take it back to the post office you've lost the warranty. Please note the condition of the package, if it is damaged or leaking open it and make sure the findings are documented by the delivery person. Have a camera ready to take photos immediately.

Open the bag and float it in your aquarium, even if the fish are all belly up and playing dead. 5 minutes later, release them. If 10 minutes later they are really dead, net them out, place them in a zip-lock bag, add a couple of table spoons of salt, shake to coat,  and place it in your freezer. Email me at that moment, including the photos you took.

(no more than 2 hours after the post office tracking says you signed for the package). I MAY ask you to mail me the remains back. I'll give you instructions then. In any case, I will replace the fatalities ONCE or issue you a credit towards future purchases but the shipping costs for the replacement order may be your responsibility (at my discretion).


In no case will Tilapia Vita Farms and issue cash refunds. At my discretion I may terminate any transaction by either replacing the fatalities once minus the cost of shipping, or by issuing a credit towards future purchases.

There, wheww! I have a headache now.

Attention copycats!

Yes, by the way, the content in this website may be copied, reproduced, etc, as long as it is done on a not for profit basis without my permission as long as credit is given to Edgar F. Sanchez and a link to is supplied.

For reproduction on a commercial basis, written permission must be first obtained from me.


Thank you all for all the pictures of your systems!

I must say the following, though. By sending me your pictures you are granting me unlimited license to use them in my website.

That means: Don't send me pictures of you and your girlfriend standing next to your tank if you don't want your WIFE to see them!.

Need we say more?



Contributions to our "Legal Issues" page regarding permitting information become property of Tilapia Vita Farms and will be modified at the discretion of Tilapia Vita Farms.