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Tilapia Farming at Home! for food, for profit,for fun! (and all you need is a wet thumb!)

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Tilapia Vita Farms became a reality on October, 2010.

It is, however, a work in progress. Disassembling and moving the Orlando facility has proven to be more time consuming than I first thought.




Some where out there, outside of my wife's "don't even think about thinking about it" zone...


North of this crazy kamikaze rooster's territory...



A bit to the east of the local fish-loving wildlife I found...



The perfect spot!  No trees were cut, these are just pieces of a dead tree we had to remove.




This "cold-frame" is the same width as the one in Orlando, just a bit shorter in length.


"Just a bit" of ground leveling was required.



Almost ready!




Even under construction, the show had to go on!




Now we're getting somewhere!




Here's our first video!

Just a spur-of-the-moment video I shot when I noticed 4 Blue females carrying eggs in one tank.

It's been a while since I used a video camera so it's not quite my best.