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Tilapia Farming at Home! for food, for profit,for fun! (and all you need is a wet thumb!)

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For local Pick-up!
Manually-sexed ALL MALE Blue Tilapia juveniles 4-6 inches or more in size!
Also, Blue Tilapia breeder sets much larger in size than the ones I ship!
Please email me for details.
Things are starting to happen to me now!
One of my very first (and latest) clients for Tilapia fingerlings is Colle Davis from
His advise in the early days proved invaluable in the development of Tilapia Vita Farms as a business.
I humbly accept the honor of being mentioned in his new eBook: AquaponicsGold.
Colle: I couldn't pay you for the time you spent on the phone with me even if I paid you!
Tilapia Sunrise!
Tilapia Sunrise is the name I've given to my hybrids of Orange Mossambica, Blue, and Red Nile Tilapia.
They look reddish with white and/or black spots and are not Pure Breed Orange Mossambica.
They will not produce all-male offspring when bred with Hornorum or Nile Tilapia but, being hybrids, they will grow faster and to a bigger size than Mossambica.
I offer these in order to cater to Tilapia farming enthusiasts who want to have a "prettier" Tilapia than the usual grey/black

 Keeping it simple!
Please note (as if you haven't already noticed):
This weird website was created by a Tilapia farmer!
I don't have a lot of "eye candy" here; I don't sell training, books, supplies, gadgets, systems, out-sourced Tilapia , etc.
If you know what "wysiwyg" means you get the idea. (OK, if you are under 40 you probably don't know. It means: "What You See Is What You Get".
"Facebook" does not know what I look like (I thought it was the name of that book they keep at police stations)
and "twitter"...What is that, anyway? for tweets?
I farm Tilapia; I sell Tilapia. That's what a Tilapia farmer does.
This whole website teaches you how to do it without loosing your shirt. For free!
In "Our Products" page you will find the absolute best quality pure breed Tilapia available for whatever your project is, Aquaculture or Aquaponics for home or commercial production.
Why PayPal?
Loyalty. They allowed me to accept online payments in the beginning when credit cards processors gave me the cold shoulder or wanted outrageous commissions.
You can conduct your transaction through PayPal as you would any other online purchase and you don't need to have a PayPal account!
Here is some commentary on all-male Tilapia: 
I have heard about this one too many times now:
There seem to be some kind of scam going on regarding pure breed Tilapia breeder sets.
It has been reported to me several times that some entity is selling what they call "pure breed Tilapia breeder sets" only to ship what appears to be Blue Tilapia or something like it.
Blue Tilapia is found in the wild just about everywhere and WILL NOT produce all male hybrids no matter what they call them!
If you are not getting Orange colored pure breed Mossambica Tilapia females, be aware!
If you are asked to send cash via Western Union or FedEx right away, be aware!
For example:
This just seen on another website:
"Pure Mossambicus Breeding Colony (Oreochromis aureus), $499.00."
Excuse me? Oreochromis aureus is Blue Tilapia!
They even have the nerve to post a  Blue Tilapia photo with it!
Which brings up the subject of "Pure breed red/orange Mossambica"! 
I see them every where! websites offering
"the purest, fastest growing, biggest-at-maturity mixed-sex Mossambica"!! ($1.99 each)
First of all, pure breed Mossambica are slow growers, and small in size even at maturity. That's why they were never widely used in commercial Tilapia aquaculture.
They are worth their weight in gold when bred with pure breed Hornorum or pure breed Nile males, though. Their hybrids are indeed the fastes growing, biggest NATURALLY ALL-MALE offspring! (that's right, no hormones, GMOs, whatever).
These "pure breed orange Mossambica" appear to be nothing more than re-badged hybrids also known as "Hawaiian gold, Hawaiian sunfish, Thai red, etc.
If these were the real article, would they be selling them for $1.99 each? mixed-sex to boot?
I say they should put their fish where their mouths are and set-up a few of these to produce all male hybrids! HA!
The proof is in the pudding, folks.
Touch the Soil Interview
Watch An upcoming issue will feature an interview with yours truly. (Well, I did the best I could).
The issue featuring the interview with me is the one for July/August 2008. Check it out, please!
12-26-12 update: the Touch the Soil website is not active anymore, ??
Farm Show Interview
Special thanks to Farm show Magazine ( for featuring Tilapia Vita Farms on their September issue, (Vol 32, No 5) 2008. 
This magazine  is chock-full of articles about people "taking matters into their own hands" and creating gadgets of all kinds in order to make their life at the farm easier and more fun!



Tilapia in The News Today
Links to articles and news items about small scale Tilapia farming. (posted as I can find them). The links will open a new window, just close it to come back here.
Hmmm...and I thought I was thinking small Tilapia farm! not to criticize but, this set up is like having a can of tuna reserved as "hurricane supplies". Beautiful, though!
From Auburn University. Talks about different methods of controlling Tilapia reproduction. It has a very nice chart that shows the great advantages of using hybrids versus Hormone sex reversal and manual sexing.
Yep,!! this is how I do it