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Tilapia Farming at Home! for food, for profit,for fun! (and all you need is a wet thumb!)

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please check my Our Products page for the latest additions to my product line as well as
 special offers!
YES! my new facility sure is cranking out the babies!
look for NEW LOWER PRICES on everything!
That's right!  Home Tilapia farming offers a solution to the ever-more-difficult problem of finding a fish at the store that is fresh, clean, affordable, and virtually organic.
After all, with home-grown Tilapia, you will have intimate knowledge of its whereabouts from its birth to your dinner table!
Can you say that about that tasteless, overdone salmon fillet you had at that franchise restaurant last time? how about that tuna salad from a can! (I've always wondered how they get a tuna to fit in such a small can. Hmmm.)
The key to Tilapia farming at home is the "breeder set".
Our breeder sets consist of 5 females and 1 male. You can easily breed them in a home aquarium!
And in this website I'll show you how you can turn your backyard into a Tilapia farm!
Here you will also find the very best quality pure breed Tilapia fingerlings to stock your backyard farm or aquaponic system.
I have many all-male hybrids as well as  Blue or Nile Tilapia fingerlings ready to travel!  these are all natural, non-hormone sex-reversed virtually organic baby Tilapia!
Just visit "Our Products" page for ordering information
When I launched this website I had Pure breed Hornorum/pure breed Orange Mossambica breeder sets (pictured below), so most of the content applies to them.
I now have expanded my selection to include Pure breed Blue Tilapia, Nile Tilapia, as well as "Tilapia Sunrise" breeder colonies so I am continuously adding new material relative to them.
Which breeder set to use depends mainly on whether you want all-male, improved-body-form offspring (Hornorum/mossambica) or mixed sex (Blue or Nile), or "pretty ones" (Tilapia Sunrise).
My new Tilapia hatchery in Brooksville, FL
 Please click on "Tilapia Vita Farms" for more exciting photos!
Hornorum/Mossambica Breeder sets
This is a Hornorum/Mosambica breeder set. They are quite young but already breeding!
The gray pure breed O. Hornorum male in this picture is about five inches long. The orange
ones are pure breed O. Mossambica females.
This is the end result!
This Hornorum/Mossambica hybrid is only a pound or so, he has some weight to put on still.
He is all bright eyed and  bushy tailed, eh?

The number one issue in aquaponics is the uncontrolled reproduction of Tilapia in the system, which eventually leads to overcrowding and stunted growth. Additionally, if newborn fry somehow get in the grow trays they will start eating the roots of the plants relentlessly and will not stop until the plants are dead.
Due to the natural genetic makeup of each individual pure breed, our breeder sets made up of Hornorum males and Mossambica females or Hornorum males and pure breed Nile females will produce fry that are almost all male naturally; not treated with sex-reversal hormones as is the current industry accepted practice.
No females, no hanky-panky in your tanks, life is good.
Almost?I have never seen a female hybrid. However, there is a 2% chance (over the life time of a particular female! ) that a female hybrid can occur. These females, should they happen, stand a very slim to none chance of ever reaching breeding size.
The hybrid males, in the mean time, due to a quirk of nature termed "Hybrid Vigor" will grow faster and bigger than either of their parents and will inherit some of the Hornorum male's "improved body form".
This combined with Tilapia's natural resistance to disease and ability to thrive in much less than perfect water conditions makes it the ideal fish for aquaponic systems.
It is also a great business opportunity besides selling table-ready Tilapia!
By purchasing your own breeder colonies you can market all-male fingerlings to other aquaponic system enthusiasts!
Of course you can also bypass the whole breeding part and just purchase as many fingerlings as you need from our "Our Products" page.
Pure Breed Blue Tilapia breeder sets
Blue Tilapia breeders
Blue Tilapia is popular with backyard aquaculturists because it is relatively easy to obtain and not regulated as closely (or at all in many states) as other breeds.
In commercial aquaculture they are routinely hormone sex-reversed to achieve an all male population. Ours are pure-breed, all-natural, hormone-free and they work fine as long as you keep in mind that you will have mixed-sex offpring which themselves will continue to reproduce and overcrowd your tanks if not managed properly. as you can see, the top right one is a female about 4 inches in size carrying about 200 fry in her mouth already!
Nile Tilapia breeder sets
Nile Tilapia have been used extensively in commercial aquaculture but unfortunately are routinely hormone sex-reversed to achieve an all-male population. Ours are genuine hormone-free, all-natural Nile Tilapia breeders and will produce mixed-sex fingerlings just as they should.
If you have ever had an aquarium and actually kept your fish alive for longer than a month, you are already half way there! If you have not had one, I would suggest purchasing a small 10 to 29 gallon one and buying some "feeder goldfish" to learn the basics. I started out with one goldfish and a one gallon aquarium (I'm a slow learner). Then just click on the "how you can do it" button on the left.
Whether you are a beginner or a pro, one thing you will find useful here is that I do not use industrial strength Aquaculture language, and what I suggest you do is what has worked for me after the customary "trial and error" routine. Which means: if you know better, let me know, I'm always looking for the "EBW". (Easier Better Way)
Anyway, here's the latest. I went to Whole Foods Supermarket. They have the closest thing to the offspring from my breeder colonies out there: no sex reversal hormones, no antibiotics or preservatives, and fed good quality food. They still have to import them from Costa Rica and Ecuador and go for $9.99 a pound for fillets! Growing your own does pay! Even the best commercial fillets can't be as fresh as your own!
Now! If you are the type who says: "Geeez, if I want fish I'll just go to the supermarket and get it", think again. What would you do if for A, B, C, or "D" reason there isn't any available anywhere at any price? or any other kind of meat for that matter?
Famous words: "To those who prepare for the worst, the worst never seems to happen. To those who prepare for the best, the worst always seems to happen".
Protein Independence: an idea whose time has come. See "about us" to find out how I achieved it, then, go for it!

"technical support"
I care about the fish I sell. I want to do whatever I can to help them achieve their "programming", that is, to grow and reproduce, and reproduce, reproduce,, I offer unlimited e-mail help. If you purchase a breeder colony or fingerlings from me, you can e-mail me any comments, questions, etc.(about the fish please), I'll be your Dr. Laura and Dear Abby all in one.
Please note: "unlimited technical support" applies to clients.

Who am I you say?
My name is Edgar F. Sanchez formerly of Orlando, Florida. That's where I built my first facility pictured here.Tilapia farmer since 2005. Owner of Tilapia Vita Farms, a Florida Dept of Agriculture Certified Aquaculture Facility now located in Brooksville, Florida.

Please email me directly from the "Contact us" page. You can also send e-mails to: OR as an alternate.