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Kim Sanchez, my Ladyfish!  I love her!

​​​Well, what do you do with a goldfish in a half gallon plastic bag in order to keep your 5 and 3 year old daughters from having a traumatic life and death experience?

you keep the darn thing alive, that's what!
I can still picture it, an innocent county fair, a little girl covers her eyes with one hand, throws

a ping-pong ball with the other, and oh brother!, we are the proud owners of a "feeder goldfish".

A "feeder" is a fish destined to end up being dinner for a big carnivorous fish.

A trip to the toy store and we had the obligatory "Little Mermaid" one gallon aquarium.
Fast forward 5 years. I have one 45 gallon and one 125 gallon aquarium in my living room as well as a few smaller ones stored in the garage. The kids lost interest in fish ever since "the Lion King"

came out and I was NOT about to take them to the zoo, thank you very much!

Who knows what I might have found myself dragging home!
Fast forward another 6 years. I look at the aquariums and say: there has got to be something I can grow in this aquariums that I can actually benefit from, as in edible fish. Hmmm, what to do?
In 2006 I searched the internet and found out about Tilapia;

a fish that up until then I didn't even know existed.
I purchased a breeder set of Hornorum/Mossambica from a retired commercial Aquaculture professional and was very impressed with how
easy it was to breed them.
Then I purchased sets of "breeder breeders" so I could market the breeder colonies  themselves.

How this happened I have explained several times in different ways.

Unfortunately a former re-seller of my products and current main competitor threatens

to sue me every time!

He has the only other website that I know of selling (or claiming to have!) Hornorum/Mossambica breeder colonies.​​ Well, he is not getting them from me!

He has purchased at least 4 internet domain names with variations of my name, my farm's name

and my website's name.

His intention is to "ruin my reputation and make me the most hated man in America"

​To achieve this he hides behind his wife's skirts to bad-mouth me in Facebook, etc.

He  hides behind a nearly 80 year old handicapped senior citizen who has had two strokes

in order to threaten me with lawsuits.

​Since  I do not want to pollute my website with his verbal  flatulence I will launch an entirely  new website dedicated to him. Look for extensive direct quotes from literally hundreds of harassing, threatening emails and text messages from him.​​

​sorry, back to  my story:
In 2010 when I met my wife (see below) I added Blue and Nile Tilapia

and in 2014 my house exclusive brand "Tilapia Sunrise".
But wait! There is more!
  the saga continues, folks!
In mid-2010 I was caught doing good and got what I deserved!

I was volunteering at a non-profit in Dade City, FL that teaches Aquaponics classes

when I met my Mrs. Ladyfish!

I was assisting the instructor one Saturday morning and she was taking the class.
She was mostly interested in the plant side of Aquaponics and I was interested in the fish.
We now own and operate
Tilapia Vita Farms on a property that was her late grannie's farm.

She inherited it when she was caught being a do-gooder!

Please click on Tilapia Vita farms for that story!
 I'm telling you!  Being good gets you stuff!
Oh, my God! I still have to pinch myself every now and then!

My first Tilapia farm