All-male hybrid fingerlings

That's right folks!   Coming soon!   My truly new IMPROVED BODY FORM Mossambica females!
​Talk about "more usable flesh per fish" on their offspring!

35 and 50 Nile Tilapia Fingerlings Tilapia Breeder Colonies And Fingerlings For Sale

15 or 25 all-male hybrid Fingerlings
Hornorum/Nile breeder set
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35 or 50 all-male hybrid Tilapia Fingerlings

You can choose from all-male hybrids, mixed-sex Blue Tilapia fingerlings,  and mixed-sex Nile Tilapia fingerlings.
 Please scroll down for pictures.
If you don't want to go through the breeding process but want to "grow your own", you can order at least 15 of these.
15 will fit nicely in a 125 gallon tank!
35 will be perfectly fine in an IBC tote even when they reach 2 pounds!
50 or 100 will fit nicely in one or two 8ft diameter (+/- 500 gallons each) kiddie pools or tanks.
The all-male are ideal for aquaponic systems!
All-male means there will be no unwanted reproduction in your system!
With the mixed-sex fingerlings you take your chances but you can also try to breed them yourself!
My fingerlings are 1 inch average in size which means that some may be smaller than 1 inch.
But here is the dirty little secret other "farmers" don't want you to know:

At this stage Tilapia will grow fasterthan at any other point in its life!
A 1/2 inch fingerling will grow to 1 inch in less than a week!
Shipping them at a smaller size is less stressful on them and you save on the shipping since they can travel in smaller packaging.
By the way, a 1/2 inch fingerling is just that: a fingerling. A fry is a newborn smaller than a grain of rice.
And, oh yeah. The notion that somehow a higher priced 'Aquaponic" Tilapia is better than a "pond" Tilapia! What next!
Clever marketing designed to impress the impressionable in my opinion.
Shipping/packaging for all fingerlings is a flat $49.00 for 15 and 25, $59.00 for 35 and 50, and $69.00 for 70 and 100. 
For orders over 100 or if you need a specific number of fingerlings just email me and I'll send you a customized quote.

Just in case you are wondering where to get a starter culture wonder no more!
I can ship to you enough to get you started (it doesn't take much).
All you have to do is keep it away from the fish but part of your system and in direct sunlight.
It will keep multiplying and multiplying so that in a very short time you will be able to harvest some and keep the rest multiplying.

Hornorum/Mossambica breeder colony

Hornorum/Nile breeder colonies. Consists of 1 improved body form Hornorum male and 5 Nile females.

Produces all-natural, Hormone-free, all-male offspring with more usable flesh than other Tilapia.
The cost is only $169.00 (formerly $234.00!) plus $69.00 shipping/packaging.

CERTIFIED PURE BREED by the Florida Department of Agriculture; my Blue Tilapia breeder sets also consist of 1 male and 5 females. These will produce pure breed, all-natural, mixed-sex fingerlings. The cost is only $149.00 (formerly $199.00!) for one

plus $69.00 shipping/packaging.
If you are able to pass by the farm to pick them up I can give you bigger breeders than the ones I ship and you save the cost of shipping. Based on availability, just email me for details. NO FL PERMIT REQUIRED!

Nile Tilapia fingerlings

15 or 25 Nile Tilapia Fingerlings
One Hornorum/Blue set
70 or 100 Nile Tilapia Fingerlings

A breeder colony consists of 1 genuine "ZZ Chromosome improved body form (very noticeable in this photo) pure breed

Oreochromis Urolepis Hornorum Tilapia super male" and 5 pure breed orange Mossambica Tilapia females. 

These colonies produce all-natural, hormone free ALL MALE fingerlings with more usable flesh than other Tilapia.
These are descendants from the proven veterans of commercial aquaculture that I purchased in 2008, not the unproven

home-owner grade variants that are being marketed as "super duper new and improved".
The cost is only $249.00 (formerly $399.00!) for 1 set plus $69.00 shipping/packaging.

Blue Tilapia breeder colony

These are the same you would get from a Hornorum/Mossambica breeder set.
All-natural, hormone-free. See the improved body shape they inherited from their dad?

Hornorum/Blue breeder colonies. Consist of 1 improved body form Hornorum male and 5 pure breed Blue Tilapia females.

 Produces all-natural, hormone-free, mixed-sex offspring with more usable flesh than other Tilapia.
The cost is only $169.00 (formerly $234.00!) plus $69.00 shipping/packaging

35 and 50 Blue Tilapia Fingerlings

Tilapia Fingerlings

ALL of my babies are all-natural, hormone-free, non GMO fed, disease-free cuties born and raised in a REAL Tilapia farm,
​not some robo-fish mass-produced in a "Frankenstein Facility" in a warehouse somewhere.
All natural because I just let them "do their thing"; hormone-free because I wouldn't know where to buy hormones if I wanted to,

non-GMO because they eat the best organic food ever, duckweed!
Check this out:
I supplement their diet with a premium feed specifically formulated for Tilapia in recirculating systems (aquaponic).
I also send samples annually to the Fish Disease Laboratory at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.
Their certification is valid in all 50 states and many foreign countries. I will email you a copy if you want.
Now, a word (or three) about "free shipping." really?
Be aware of "Tilapia farmers" offering free shipping: $89.00 for 10 fingerlings? really?
"Free shipping" is not only a myth; it is a lie!
Of course the Post Office, UPS, or FedEx don't ship for free; these charlatans err.. "farmers" hide their shipping costs
by inflating the price of the fish.
Would you buy anything from an outfit that lies to you from the start?
please scroll down for my explanation of shipping charges.

15 and 25 Blue Tilapia Fingerlings

Nile Tilapia breeder colonies


70 or 100 Mosquito fish
One breeder set

For local Pick-up!
Manually-sexed ALL MALE Blue Tilapia juveniles 4-6 inches or more in size!
Please email me for details.

Nile Tilapia breeder colonies consist of 1 male and five females. These will produce mixed-sex fingerlings. The cost is only $99.00 for one plus $69.00 shipping/packaging.

NEW!  High price match guarantee!
If you feel like paying more for your breeders or fingerlings I will oblige you unconditionally!

All my orders will include a FREE starter culture of Duckweed! (If you want it). Just let me know.
Please see below for its description.

 These are our products:
Please make sure to scroll all the way down! lots of goodies to look at ! 
Hornorum/Mossambica breeder colonies

70 or 100 Blue Tilapia Fingerlings
15 or 25 Mosquito fish

Improved body form pure breed

Oreochromis Urolepis Hornorum "super male"

Pure Breed Blue Tilapia breeder colonies

These little guys are true specialists! the Mosquito Fish consumes large quantities of insect larvae in your pond or floating raft aquaponic troughs. Backyard aquaponics enthusiasts use this species of Gambusia to control, as its name suggests, mosquitoes. However, this voracious feeder will also consume other insect larvae and algae to benefit your pond or troughs in numerous ways. First, the Mosquito Fish helps prevent your aquaponic system from becoming a backyard breeding ground for potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes. Secondly, it helps keep your system beautiful by feeding on algae and hatching insects that can damage your plants and the overall aesthetics of your system.

Commercial Aquaculture
Colonies for Commercial Applications

I can supply as many Hornorum/Mossambica, Blue, Tilapia Sunrise, or Nile Tilapia breeder sets as needed for commercial applications.
Please email me for ordering details.
You can sell your market-ready Tilapia whole to distributors or "live haulers" who will usually send a truck to pick them up live

(no processing on your part!).
Of course you can double or triple your revenue if you market them to local farmer's markets, CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), Hispanic, Caribbean, and oriental markets and restaurants yourself.

If you go with an aquaponic system you will have loads of veggies as well!
Sales of fingerlings are skyrocketing with the increasing popularity of backyard aquaponic systems!
If you minimize the use of electricity by using solar electric and thermal energy, the biggest cost will be food. The use of duckweed, algae, worms, tadpoles etc. as a supplemental source of protein will significantly reduce the amount of commercial food needed. I know of a guy in Canada who goes around to local restaurants offering to haul away their vegetable scraps for free!
you can go to for a good method of implementing duckweed into your project.

This low price is in effect to clear the way for the release of my new Hornorum/Mossambica breeder colonies

featuring this!:

A word (or three) about shipping
I charge flat rates for packaging/shipping because not every package weighs the same, measures the same, or goes to the same zip code.
Sometimes it costs me more; sometimes I get to buy a happy meal on the way home.

I ship on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. You should receive them one or two days later depending on your zip code.

Special arrangements can be made but under no circumstances will I try to have a package arrive on a Saturday.
Orders in by 5pm Saturday will ship hopefully the next week but please note that sometimes it might take longer due to

adverse weather conditions especially in winter.
The babies travel first class via express mail in packaging specifically designed for shipping live tropical fish: cardboard box, styrofoam insulating container, heavy gauge plastic bags and pure oxygen. Of course heat packs are included in winter.

35 or 50 Mosquito fish

MOSQUITO FISH!(Gambusia Affinis)

Hornorum Male

This is the classic ZZ chromosome Super Male with decades of commercial aquaculture experience under its fins!

It is same Hornorum male that you get in my Hornorum/Mossambica, Hornorum/Nile, and Hornorum/Blue breeder colonies.
Produces all-natural, all-male offspring when bred with pure breed Mossambica or Nile females.

​The price is $149.00 plus $69.00 shipping/packaging.

Also very popular!
Hornorum/Nile  breeder colonies. Consist of 1 improved body form Hornorum and 5 Nile females.
 Produces all-natural, Hormone-free, all-male offspring with more usable flesh than other Tilapia.
The cost is only $169.00 (formerly $234.00!) plus $69.00 shipping/packaging.

70 or 100 All-male hybrid fingerlings

I have lots of beautiful mixed-sex pure breed Blue tilapia fingerlings ready to travel!

(certified pure breed by the Florida Department of Agriculture)

The mice type

Sorry folks, but a "lawyer/friend" told me if I didn't include some fine print in here,

HE would sue me!  (wouldn't expect any LESS of him).

So here goes:
I have tried my best to provide accurate information on this website, and to the best of my knowledge the information presented herein is correct.
Please do not hold me liable for any consequences of using the information I present here.
Tilapia Vita Farms and make no representation about the suitability for any purpose of the information presented in this website.
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or in connection with the use of the information in this website.
The information presented in this website could include technical inaccuracies and spelling errors! (trust me on that!)
At any time Tilapia vita farms and may make changes, additions and deletions to the information presented herein.

There, wheeew! I have a headache now.

Live arrival guarantee
I will do my very best to make sure your fish arrive alive! 
I will email you as soon as I ship the package, and provide you with a tracking number.
You must be there ready to receive the package and sign for it.

Open the package immediately after arrival and S-L-O-W-L-Y add water from your tank. When you have tripled the amount of water

in the package wait 10 minutes and net the babies out and into your tank. Dispose of the water in the package.

If there are fatalities please line them up neatly on the back of the Styrofoam cover and take a photo. Please email me at that time 

(no more than 1 hour after the post office tracking says you signed for the package). IMAY ask you to mail me the remains back (unlikely unless I smell a "rotten fish"). I'll give you instructions then. In any case, I will replace the fatalities ONCE at my expense,

or issue you a credit towards future purchases  (at my discretion).
In no case will Tilapia Vita Farms and issue cash refunds. At my discretion I may terminate any transaction by either replacing the fatalities once, or by issuing a credit towards future purchases (exclusive of shipping costs).

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Thank you all for all the pictures of your systems!
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