​Tilapia Vita Farms became a reality on October, 2010

This is my 32 ft. by 16 ft. 15000 gallon bio filter!

If you look carefully you will spot Mr. Meow!

​​​This "cold-frame" is the same width as the one in Orlando, just a bit shorter in length.

The hatchery is now 88 ft. long  by 24 ft. wide

The perfect spot!  No trees were cut, these are just pieces of a dead tree we had to remove.

Here's my first video!
Just a spur-of-the-moment video I shot when I noticed 4 Blue females carrying eggs in one tank.
It's been a while since I used a video camera so it's not quite my best.

Enough to totally clean the water biologically plus feed the fish!
Check this out: http://www.fishfarming.com/duckweed.html

Almost ready!

A bit to the east of the local fish-loving wildlife I found...

​​​Some where out there, outside of Kim's "don't even think about thinking about it" zone...

I wanted a big-humongous-super-mega-giant "liver" (bio filter) to process all the fish waste.

That's Mrs. Meow and her son Mini-meow.

​And this is their big-humongous-super-mega-giant litterbox!

North of this crazy kamikaze rooster's territory...

Soon I will post a video of the finished greenhouse. This is just the first part of it.

"Just a bit" of ground leveling was required.

I call it her "Playpen"

Every thing here was designed by her! I just supervised the construction.

 But wait! who's playpen is that in the background?
Here is how that went:

Kim's new and improved "Lilli pad" for her Lotus and the Mosquito fish

Even under construction, the show had to go on!

Now we're getting somewhere!

And A LOT of fill dirt!

A little more ground leveling

A LOT more leveling!

The saga continues!

Mr. and Mrs. Meow as well as Mini didn't mind giving up their

big-humongous-super-mega-giant litter box

On Nov, 2013 I finally finished moving the Orlando greenhouse to Brooksville

Now the rest of the story.