That's Mrs. Meow and her son Mini-meow.

​And this is their big-humongous-super-mega-giant litterbox!

North of this crazy kamikaze rooster's territory...

Even under construction, the show had to go on!

Now we're getting somewhere!

Mr. and Mrs. Meow as well as Mini didn't mind giving up their

big-humongous-super-mega-giant litter box

On Nov, 2013 I finally finished moving the Orlando greenhouse to Brooksville

And A LOT of fill dirt!

A little more ground leveling

Soon I will post a video of the finished greenhouse. This is just the first part of it.

"Just a bit" of ground leveling was required.

A LOT more leveling!

Now the rest of the story.


​Tilapia Vita Farms became a reality on October, 2010

This is my 32 ft. by 16 ft. 15000 gallon bio filter!

If you look carefully you will spot Mr. Meow!

​​​This "cold-frame" is the same width as the one in Orlando, just a bit shorter in length.

The saga continues!

I call it her "Playpen"

Every thing here was designed by her! I just supervised the construction.

 But wait! who's playpen is that in the background?
Here is how that went:

The hatchery is now 88 ft. long  by 24 ft. wide

Kim's new and improved "Lilli pad" for her Lotus and the Mosquito fish

The perfect spot!  No trees were cut, these are just pieces of a dead tree we had to remove.

Here's my first video!
Just a spur-of-the-moment video I shot when I noticed 4 Blue females carrying eggs in one tank.
It's been a while since I used a video camera so it's not quite my best.

Enough to totally clean the water biologically plus feed the fish!
Check this out:

Almost ready!

A bit to the east of the local fish-loving wildlife I found...

​​​Some where out there, outside of Kim's "don't even think about thinking about it" zone...

I wanted a big-humongous-super-mega-giant "liver" (bio filter) to process all the fish waste.