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Tilapia farming at home!

This is a Hornorum/Mosambica breeder set. They are quite young but already breeding!
The gray pure breed O. Hornorum male in this picture is about five inches long.

The orange ones are pure breed O. Mossambica females.

My new Tilapia hatchery in Brooksville, FL

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  my new facility sure is cranking out the babies!
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All these tanks are made of food -grade plastic

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For food, for profit, for fun!

                                         (And all it takes is a wet thumb!)

Hornorum/Mossambica Breeder colonies

That's right!    Home Tilapia farming offers a solution to the ever-more-difficult problem of finding a fish at the store that is fresh, clean, affordable, and virtually organic.
After all, with home-grown Tilapia, you will have intimate knowledge of its whereabouts from its birth to your dinner table!
Can you say that about that tasteless, overdone salmon fillet you had at that franchise restaurant last time?

How about that tuna salad from a can!

(I've always wondered how they get a tuna to fit in such a small can. Hmmm.)
The key to Tilapia farming at home is the "breeder colony".
Our breeder colonies  consist of 5 females and 1 male. You can easily breed them in a home aquarium!
And in this website I'll show you how you can turn your backyard into a Tilapia farm!
Here you will also find the very best quality pure breed Tilapia fingerlings to stock your backyard farm or aquaponic system.
I have many all-male hybrids as well as  Blue or Nile Tilapia fingerlings ready to travel!  these are all natural, non-hormone

sex-reversed virtually organic baby Tilapia!  Just visit "Our Products" page for ordering information
When I launched this website in 2008 I had Pure breed Hornorum and pure breed Orange Mossambica breeder colonies 

(pictured below: the male is the gray Hornorum, the females are Mossambica). They produce all-natural, all-male offspring!
I now have expanded my selection to include Pure breed Blue Tilapia, Nile Tilapia, as well as "Tilapia Sunrise" breeder colonies
Which breeder colony to use depends mainly on whether you want all-male, improved-body-form offspring (Hornorum/Mossambica hybrid fingerlings) or mixed sex (Blue or Nile), or "pretty ones" (Tilapia Sunrise).

Tilapiafarmingathome.com Tilapia Breeder Colonies And Fingerlings For Sale

This Hornorum/Mossambica hybrid is only a pound or so, he has some weight to put on still.
He is all bright eyed and  bushy tailed, eh?

This is the end result!

The number one issue in aquaponics is the uncontrolled reproduction of Tilapia in the system, which eventually leads to overcrowding and stunted growth. Additionally, if newborn fry somehow get in the grow trays they will start eating the roots of the plants relentlessly and will not stop until the plants are dead.
Due to the natural genetic makeup of each individual pure breed, our breeder sets made up of Hornorum males and Mossambica females or Hornorum males and pure breed Nile females will produce fry that are almost all male naturally; not treated with sex-reversal hormones as is the current industry accepted practice.
No females, no hanky-panky in your tanks, life is good.
Almost? I have never seen a female hybrid. However, there is a 2% chance (over the life time of a particular female! ) that a female hybrid can occur. These females, should they happen, stand a very slim to none chance of ever reaching breeding size.
The hybrid males, in the mean time, due to a quirk of nature termed "Hybrid Vigor" will grow faster and bigger than either of their parents and will inherit some of the Hornorum male's "improved body form".
This combined with Tilapia's natural resistance to disease and ability to thrive in much less than perfect water conditions makes it the ideal fish for aquaponic systems.
It is also a great business opportunity besides selling table-ready Tilapia!
By purchasing your own breeder colonies you can market all-male fingerlings to other aquaponic system enthusiasts!
Of course you can also bypass the whole breeding part and just purchase as many fingerlings as you need from our "Our Products" page.